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Plus size dating

If you are a big beautiful woman (BBW) or big handsome man (BHM) looking for love or a lasting romance, a BBW dating site will connect you with local singles looking for people just like you. If you like a fuller figured partner or a chubby guy to hold tight, look for love in the right places. Plus size dating sites are designed to matchmake big singles and people who love a bigger partner. was designed to cut through the good, bad and ugly of online dating sites, helping you make an informed decision when looking for love online.

What is Plus Size?

The term plus size means different things to different people. You would be surprised to see what some clothing retailers advertise as plus size when they are really just clothes designed for a naturally shaped woman. Generally, the term plus size means someone who is slightly overweight, fuller figured or curvy.

What is a BBW?

BBW is another term which has been abused over the years. Originally it was an abbreviation of ‘Big Beautiful Woman’ and a positive term. The term has been hijacked by adult and fetish sites who use it to describe men with fat woman fantasies. It is still a popular term in the online dating industry and BBW dating is one of the most searched for dating terms on Google.

Choosing a dating site that suits your needs

How you choose a dating site depends a lot on what you want from your dating experience. If you are not looking for a serious relationship, there are plenty of casual dating sites and hookup apps that cater for big men and women. We will be doing a full write up on casual dating sites in the future.

When looking for a dating website to join you are putting yourself out there for all to see which is why selecting the right site for you is important. One of the main factors is location. Some sites offer membership for people all over the word. In some cases this can be useful especially if they have a large membership database in your country. Be careful to check how many members are available in your own country before parting with any money. For singles in larger countries such as The US and Australia this isn’t generally a problem but for smaller countries, members can be scarce. The preferred option is to go with a smaller site aimed specifically at one country. They many not be able to claim to have millions of members but they might just have the one for you near where you live.

Security and privacy are another big concern for many potential online daters and so it should be. A common mistake is to sign up with any free dating site you find in the hope of saving a few bucks. The truth is, nothing is free. Even free dating sites need to make money. Unfortunately many do so by selling your personal information, bombarding you with ads or cutting costs when it comes to securing your personal data. You are best off investing a small amount on a reputable paid dating site which attract less scammers and generally have much better customer support.

Try before you buy

Most premium dating sites will offer a free trial of some kind so you can check the site out before parting with you hard earned cash. Some will simply ask for a valid email address while other will ask for a credit card upfront. Always read the terms before handing over your card details as many will charge your card after a certain period unless you contact them beforehand to cancel your account. Refunds can be notoriously difficult to get once you are in a billing cycle.

Stay safe

We wish you well in your search for a fuller figured partner, plus size friend or cuddly guy. Check back soon for more plus size dating news and website reviews.

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